The Ultimate in Needlepoint Appreciation

We once wrote about a valuable needlepoint work that was appraised for $2,500, and then about another fine work that was appraised at a whopping $50,000.

Now try and top this: a needlepoint creation made by a lass back in 1807 was just sold at auction for more than a million dollars! Here is the Art Newspaper with the story:

The top lot was a Burlington County sampler, 1807, by Mary Antrim of a home with farmyard animals selling for $1.1m

And here is Jamie Frevele:

Back in 1807, when a young New Jersey resident named Mary Antrim embroidered the farm scene pictured above, the thought of something like this — a children’s needlepoint sampler — being sold at a fancy auction for just over a million dollars would have been preposterous…But that is exactly what happened — someone bid on and won this 19th century farm house scene, shelling out $1.07 million to own a piece of folk art a kid made to pass the time 200 years ago.

This is some serious needlepoint appreciation, folks. How much will your needlepoint masterpiece sell for, 200 years hence?

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