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Barbara Bergsten recently blogged about ideas for needlepoint apps. I linked (above) to an app available on the Apple App store, which offers stitch diagrams, indexed by shape, name and thread count.

I had a few ideas for a needlepoint app, and instead of stuffing it all into a bloated comment I decided to do a full blog post here. A needlepoint app which could do the following things would be awesome:

  • Text Charter. This app would accept a string of text, such as “Happy Birthday Mom,” and would create a chart that shows how to stitch it. You would have a choice of fonts, text effects (like drop shadow or outline), spacing, and you would also specify the dimensions of the area in which it needs to fit. This would save a stitcher loads of time (anyone who ever needed to do this knows how time-consuming and error-prone it can be).
  • Thread Matcher. You snap a picture of a canvas using your phone with the onboard camera. The software would instantly inventory the colors used (up to a limit of, say 40), and then make suggestions of thread you can use to stitch it. You can control choices by fiber type, budget, and it would keep track of your previous projects so it matches thread from your stash. This app could make money by offering to purchase an entire thread ensemble on the spot.
  • Stitch Charter. Building on the previous item, you would use this app to select areas of the canvas, and designate which stitch you will use. You would choose from a little window of stitch choices, and drag the right one over to the canvas photo. Then the app would create a chart based on your selections, and it would also estimate how long it would take, based on your stitching habits and history.

I have some other ideas, but let’s get an enterprising developer started on these. The stitching world is waiting!

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  1. Well actually, I just came across a site that accepts a string of text and creates a graph of it, in various fonts. So the first app you wanted does actually exist in some form! It’s not an app in the Apple store yet, but until someone makes it you could always go to this site!

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