March 15 is National Pears Helene Day

25% off all pear and dessert canvases in honor of National Pears Helene Day. From March 15th is National Pears Hélène Day.  This food holiday is about the delicious smooth french dessert combining warm poached pears, vanilla ice ream and chocolate sauce. Pears Helene is a dessert made from pears poached in sugar syrup and served with vanilla ice […]

National Floral Design Day is February 28th

25% off all Floral Design needlepoint canvases (that’s a lot of canvases) in honor of this fragrant flowery day. From National Floral Design Day is observed annually on February 28th.  For thousands of years, floral design has been an important cultural art form.  This is the day we celebrate that art form.  It may be in […]

The Youngest Needlepoint Designer Award Goes to Shauly

My seven year old son, Shauly, designed this canvas today.  He was deeply engrossed in artwork when I happened to notice.  “What are you drawing?” I curiously inquired.  “I’m making a needlepoint for you.  It’s called Fireworks.”   I complimented him and told him I’ll post it here. Now he wants to know if any […]

Backgammon Board Needlepoint Kits

Pepita Needlepoint just added three new backgammon board canvases to their already wide selection of unique needlepoint designs. The boards, when finished, will measure 15.5 inches by 12 inches. The triangles are just large enough to accommodate a full set of checkers, so these can be used for actual game play. Three designs were added […]