Attention Engineers: Try Needlepoint

Yet more evidence of a strong correlation between math and needlepoint, as I have previously posted. In an article about the scarcity of females in the gaming development community, iPhone developer Quinn Dunki claims it is caused by peer pressure to conform to traditional female roles. Saith Dunki: “The only difference between me and my […]

New Belts at Tucker Blair

A dynamic duo of designers, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, have teamed up with Tucker Blair, the needlepoint belt manufacturer extraordinaire. From the blog post at the New York Times: Aiming to have you in stitches this summer, Opening Ceremony releases its first collection of needlepoint belts with Tucker Blair, the Washington-based purveyor of the classic […]

We Were Hacked – Twice

I apologize to all our subscribers for the unfortunate hacking incidents that have taken place over the last month at this blog. In the first instance, my attackers gained access to my WordPress installation and defaced it with unpleasant anti-Israel propaganda and disturbing imagery. I was able to regain control by accessing the MySql database directly and […]