Backgammon Board Needlepoint Kits

Backgammon Cherry Charcoal Needlepoint Kit

Backgammon Cherry Charcoal Needlepoint Kit

Pepita Needlepoint just added three new backgammon board canvases to their already wide selection of unique needlepoint designs.

The boards, when finished, will measure 15.5 inches by 12 inches. The triangles are just large enough to accommodate a full set of checkers, so these can be used for actual game play.

Three designs were added in the following colors: Cherry Charcoal, Red White, and Red Black Green. These are all classic color combinations for this board game, however you can request any color scheme, plus add any design elements you choose by filling out the customization form on the website.

Erma Bombeck


Erma's Column

Erma’s Column

Did you know that Erma Bombeck, the famous comedy author and columnist, loved to needlepoint?  I still think about her book, If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pits? whenever I see cherry pits.  She laughed, and we all laughed along with her.  She knew what was important in life.  She had her priorities straight.  It’s no wonder needlepoint was her passion.

See this article in the Lakeland Ledger, February 12, 1974 by Erma Bombeck.