National Floral Design Day is February 28th


25% off all Floral Design needlepoint canvases (that’s a lot of canvases) in honor of this fragrant flowery day.


National Floral Design Day is observed annually on February 28th.  For thousands of years, floral design has been an important cultural art form.  This is the day we celebrate that art form.  It may be in a bouquet, a painting, in fabric, in a garden or a floral arrangement.

Floral design is a multi-billion dollar industry that brightens our lives on a daily basis.

From great, historic gardens to a bridal bouquet on that special day floral designers have an eye for color, style and perspective. Floral design can complete a space, complementing existing structures and bringing brightness and color to them.

As with many arts, floral design has traditional roots hearkening back to Egyptian temple offerings to gods. Design changed from era to era, each having distinct customs and traditions.



February 10th is National Umbrella Day



Today has been designated to celebrate umbrellas. Umbrellas have been around for over 200 years.  It’s the one thing your mother always warned you not to leave home without. Umbrellas remind us mostly of wet and cold things like rain and storms, but also of large sun umbrellas at the beach, peace-of-mind umbrella insurance policies, and vaudeville tap-dancing acts. Enjoy 25% off all umbrella needlepoint canvases throughout the day.


Super Needlepoint Sale for Super Bowl Sunday!


Needlepoint shops across the country celebrate Super Bowl Sunday by having stitch-in events for their customers not enthused by watching football.  (Sorry, football fans – but we;re rooting for your team – honest!)

Since we’re not a brick and mortar store, we are having an all day Super Bowl event by offering 25% off all fun and games canvases* throughout Super Bowl Sunday.  Enjoy the savings, and choose something super special.

*Custom designs are not included in the sale


February 4th is National Homemade Soup Day


Do you ever cook homemade soup?  A pot of simmering soup is more than just soup. It is comfort food that evokes memories of cherished family time.  Even the aroma of certain soups evoke memories.  Chicken soup smells like Passover, a vegetable soup cooking smells like snow is in the air.  A creamy soup means someone’s putting in extra effort for a fancy meal.  Egg drop soup reminds me of fortune cookies, sour cream soup (which I have not tasted in twenty years) takes me back to my Hungarian grandmother’s kitchen. In honor of National Soup Day, all soup, fruit, and vegetable canvases are 25% off throughout the day.  Enjoy the sale, and enjoy the warmth of a fresh bowl of soup today.