Needlepointofview is a blog written by Pepita Needlepoint’s editorial staff. Some of the subjects covered by this blog are:

  • Needlepoint in the News
  • Needlepoint Tips
  • Needlepoint Stitches
  • New Needlepoint Canvases
  • New Needlepoint Threads

Comments are welcome. To visit one of the most talented and upcoming needlepoint designers, why not drop by Pepita Needlepoint. Let me know what you think – I love reader feedback.

To all my visitors: welcome!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Great site – love the work!

    Don’t know much about blogs – could you sign me up?

    Many thanks!
    Lynne Rattray
    Vancouver Island BC

  2. where can I get an appraisial or an idea of what an item might sell for? I have a needlepoint covering 1776 to 1876 in a gorgeous frame. It was a family heirloom.

  3. hi i wanted to make my father a tefillin bag he just bought a new mini pair to travel with. i wanted to have a small picture of the kotel or jerusalem on it. i dont really know where to go about doing it and i came across this beautiful website….am i in the right place??

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