Welcoming with Needlepoint

Buried in the bottom of a story about President Barack Obama’s visit to Canada, we find this interesting passage:

Although there were no public events planned for Obama in Ottawa, about 3,500 supporters ventured to the snow-covered lawn on Parliament Hill in the hopes of catching a glimpse.
Vahid Saadati travelled from his home in Brampton, Ont., with a simple message. He was hoping to unfurl what he says is the world’s largest needlepoint: an eight- by five-metre creation that had the word “welcome” stitched upon it in 103 different languages.
“I hope they can at least let him know that he’s being welcomed by so much of the world,” Saadati said.
Definitely not the world’s largest needlepoint, but perhaps the world’s most welcoming one. We don’t offer a design that welcomes you in 103 different languages, but here’s one that welcomes you in traditional Hebrew:
You can buy it at this fine Judaica needlework shop among others around the U.S.A.

I Can Needlepoint

Needlepoint-kit-in-a-can: Burberry Barrette

We have developed a new line of products, and we’re calling it “I Can Needlepoint”. These kits are packed into these neat little cans, and contain everything you need to complete a stitched barrette or ponytail holder.

They come with canvas, needle, thread, stitch guide, finishing instructions, and hair accessory hardware.

Currently, you can buy them at this needlepoint store, where they set up separate categories for Barrettes and Ponytail Holders. Any other needlepoint shops looking to carry these cuties? They are easy and quick to finish, they’re inexpensive, and they look great – remember, needlepoint wearables are trendy again.

Is there anyone out there who wants to try them for free and post a review on their blog or website? Please leave a comment below, or send me email.