Needlepointwear: Preppy

Needlepoint Belt "Sailing Scene"

If the needlepoint scene caught the attention of the New York Times Fashion and Style section, we’re doing well. Now’s the time to invest in needlepoint everybody! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

A while ago, I bought a Tucker Blair needlepoint headband and took it apart. It is made very well. Neat hand stitching on 18 count canvas. Professional finishing. Very strong – I needed to really exert myself to get the canvas off the headband bone. The only minor complaint is that a bit of padding should have been put underneath, especially along the middle. Without it, it sagged a little in that area. But all in all, a quality product. Still, you can save money and attain stitchisfaction by acquiring one of our own, self-finishing, Threadbands.

BTW, it appears that Tucker Blair doesn’t sell the headband line any more, at least not on the website. You can still access the headband product page, if you know where to go.

Alphabet Needlepoints

Alphabets are a popular needlepoint theme, particularly for children’s rooms. Often they are adorned with objects, one for each letter of the alphabet. In the needlepoint pictured above, the artist chose 26 members of the animal kingdom to accompany each glyph.

Other times, each letter varies in style or geometric pattern. See these beauties by Felicity Hall:

The letter stitchings look great as pillows, too. They are always wildly colorful and cheerful.

Have a look at some of Pepita’s Alphabet Needlepoint canvas designs, located in the Kindergarten category. The canvas pictured below, called Alphabet Pictures, is unique in that it features only pictures of objects — one for each letter of the alphabet — but no alphabet!

Alphabet Pictures Needlepoint Canvas

This is a really fun piece for young and inquisitive minds. They’ll spend entire minutes trying to identify each object and its matching letter. Click on the image to buy it at our favorite online needlepoint canvas shop.