Needlepoint News Links II

Some links I collecting from perusing Needlepoint News today:

According to the Frederick News Post, stitching in public has become a hot trend and seeing groups of people working on needlearts projects in coffee shops, on the bus or subway and other public places is becoming a regular sighting.

Clare Kittredge, a New Hampshire health journalist, writes that recent studies link a resurgence in knitting and needlepoint to their stress-reducing effects.

Read an Insider’s View of Fine Cell Work, which we blogged about here.

Are you a student looking to get noticed? Follow the advice of this anonymous female teenage blogger from Portland, Oregon, and adopt needlepoint.

A Virginia Needlewoman (not her real name I’m guessing) ingeniously re-purposed a needlepoint belt featuring pink elephants and martinis into a preppy hat band.

Amazing the information you can pick up while eavesdropping on a conversation between some professional framers. Now we can all go and make our very own needlepoint stretching boards.

If you deal with digital photos, you’ve heard the term “dpi” – but do you really understand it? This fine young man named Mark from Plymouth uses needlepoint canvas thread count to explain it perfectly.

Needlepoint News Links

Here are some links I picked up recently from Needlepoint News:

Michelle acquired a stitched floral needlepoint ready for finishing – but needs ideas as to what to use it for!

What does Raymond Crawford, needlepoint designer extraordinaire, do on the side?

Tucker Blair runs a blog. Who knew this and didn’t tell me?

I never heard of Zandra Rhodes before, but apparently she’s a famous fashion designer. And now I know she designs needlepoint too.

How to Clean Needlepoint. Also, Practice Reading while Weaving through Obtrusive Ads.

Lady Anne Tree, 82, Introduced Needlepoint to Prisoners

Lady Ann Tree, who died on August 9th, was a tireless advocate for incarcerated persons in Britain’s prison system. She is perhaps best remembered for innovating the very successful program “Fine Cell Work“, where prisoners create needlepoint works which are then sold to the public.

Lady Anne cited two reasons for focusing on needlepoint in her campaign. Her mother-in-law, Nancy Lancaster, owned the interior designers Colefax and Fowler, so “I had the possibility to sell good-quality needlework for good prices through shops.” She was also convinced that sewing was therapeutic: “It is meditative, a way of thinking, of taking stock.”

After a few years, Fine Cell Work was grossing £200,000 in sales. Today more than 60 volunteers train 400 prisoners, and prison systems in other countries have expressed interest in starting similar programs.

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Try It aggregates mentions of needlepoint in recent news stories, blog posts, and discussion boards. It’s a good place to turn to for market research, product sourcing leads, background for an article, or ideas for a new blog post.

I built this site using several Google feeds as the backbone – it is completely automated and it isn’t moderated by any human. It only presents a large sampling; it isn’t comprehensive. I’ve been using it as a personal tool to stay ahead of needlepoint trends, and I decided to share. I’m offering some limited space for advertising, just to cover the costs of hosting. I hope you find it useful!