Needlepoint News Links II

Some links I collecting from perusing Needlepoint News today:

According to the Frederick News Post, stitching in public has become a hot trend and seeing groups of people working on needlearts projects in coffee shops, on the bus or subway and other public places is becoming a regular sighting.

Clare Kittredge, a New Hampshire health journalist, writes that recent studies link a resurgence in knitting and needlepoint to their stress-reducing effects.

Read an Insider’s View of Fine Cell Work, which we blogged about here.

Are you a student looking to get noticed? Follow the advice of this anonymous female teenage blogger from Portland, Oregon, and adopt needlepoint.

A Virginia Needlewoman (not her real name I’m guessing) ingeniously re-purposed a needlepoint belt featuring pink elephants and martinis into a preppy hat band.

Amazing the information you can pick up while eavesdropping on a conversation between some professional framers. Now we can all go and make our very own needlepoint stretching boards.

If you deal with digital photos, you’ve heard the term “dpi” – but do you really understand it? This fine young man named Mark from Plymouth uses needlepoint canvas thread count to explain it perfectly.

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