Eugene Chernin is Closing


I’ll miss you, Eugene Chernin.  You believed in me when I had this tiny business all those years ago.  You gave me wings to fly and soar. You gently taught me the ropes about pearl cotton #3 and #5.  Recently you opened a website, and I was able to place my orders online.  Nevertheless, there was always someone warm and friendly to talk to.  I knew my orders were taken care of.  You had that old fashioned charm.

So thank you, my friends George and Mark!  If you ever need any needlepoint canvases, you know where to find me.  Good Luck and like you always said, Zei Gezunt!

3 thoughts on “Eugene Chernin is Closing

  1. You eloquently wrote the way I feel about Eugene Chernin, also. They also believed in me and my tiny business many years ago. I am very sad they are gone.

  2. I miss you, I have such a hard time finding the threads you supplied me without any problems.

  3. Does anyone have any suggestions of paces to shop now that Eugene Chernin is gone?

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