Passover Cleaning Sale

Coupon for needlepoint savings

Coupon for needlepoint savings

Hello, everyone! Passover is quickly approaching and we’re cleaning up. We are closed for the holiday, from April 14 through April 22nd. So we’re running a special five day sale this week only, starting today, on our entire inventory, across all of our websites:,, and It’s 30% off everything – until midnight Thursday. April 10th. To get the discount, enter the code PASSOVER-2014 during checkout.

Thanks for reading, and a happy and kosher Passover to all!

Backgammon Board Needlepoint Kits

Backgammon Cherry Charcoal Needlepoint Kit

Backgammon Cherry Charcoal Needlepoint Kit

Pepita Needlepoint just added three new backgammon board canvases to their already wide selection of unique needlepoint designs.

The boards, when finished, will measure 15.5 inches by 12 inches. The triangles are just large enough to accommodate a full set of checkers, so these can be used for actual game play.

Three designs were added in the following colors: Cherry Charcoal, Red White, and Red Black Green. These are all classic color combinations for this board game, however you can request any color scheme, plus add any design elements you choose by filling out the customization form on the website.

In Honor of Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple, April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014

Shirley Temple passed away yesterday at the age of 85. Many of us have fond memories of the precocious little girl on our black and white TV screens from our own childhoods. In her honor, I added a needlepoint design of her portrait as a sweet little actress. This movie still is from a scene in The Little Princess (1939) where she is gazing excitedly over a birthday cake with lit candles.

Judaica Needlepoint Gets a Face Lift

Judaica Needlepoint on tablet and smart phone.

Judaica Needlepoint on tablet and smart phone.

Judaica Needlepoint – the only website dedicated exclusively to Jewish needlepoint design – has undergone renovations recently and it’s looking sharp! The new design uses larger, high-res imagery, large neat typography, and generally looks more professional and appealing. In addition, the new design works fluidly on tablets and smart phones.

Please take it for a spin and let me know if you like it better.

This Needlepoint is All Heart

Needlepoint Heart

This Needlepoint is All Heart

This interesting project was adapted from an illustration found in a medical textbook created in 1899. It is an anatomically-correct depiction of the human heart. From the creator’s blog post:

I am a woman newly obsessed with needlepoint, and this anatomical heart needlepoint is the first evidence I have to show of my obsession.

The design uses 11 colors and was stitched on 14-count canvas.

New Header Images

I added a whole boat load of new header images to my blog. They are selected at random and displayed on top of the page. Refresh the page to see different photos of Pepita finished works of art! There are eleven images in all.

I retired the old images, which were just lifted from Flickr and were not Pepita projects. I think it should be obvious that a Pepita Needlepoint blog should be graced by its own designs. Can’t imagine why it took me so long. Well that’s another to-do item I can cross off my endless list. Have a nice weekend!