Does Printed Needlepoint Canvas Last 600 Years?

Here’s an email recently received by the folks at I would like to know why you think your printed canvas is superior to handpainted. It has been my experience that the printed canvas does not have the life of a handpainted canvas. Tapestries from the 1400’s have lasted 600 years. Will yours? Doubtful.!!! Here […]

Another Fine Example of Needlepoint Appreciation

Check out Appraisal Day Offered at the Daily Tribune of Oakland County, where another needlepoint canvas was appraised by experts with an especially fine appreciation of needlework: We’ve had things appraised as high as $50,000, said Colleen Barkham, a historical society member and organizer of the event. It was a needlepoint that came from England, […]

The Different Types of Needlepoint Canvas

Christine Mann has posted a Guide to Needlepoint Canvas over at Suite101. The article summarizes the differences between the various types of needlepoint canvas and is a pretty good introduction to this topic. Good quality materials are essential for creating works of art that last, and they help avoid frustration while you work. Before beginning […]

We’ve Moved

Hello, distinguished visitors. Thanks for joining me here at my brand-new WordPress installation. I am still in the process of importing my older blog posts from my original installation. I’m told that this is a difficult process, but have no fear! I’ll get it done. In the meantime, this little introductory post will have to […]

Quickly Looking Up Needlepoint Stitches

Here’s an interesting tip, that I am sharing here for you to use responsibly (in other words, please don’t abuse this little trick, and respect authors’ copyrights). Say you are looking for details on a needlepoint stitch. For example, you wanted to look up the Lucinda Ganderton’s “Stitch Sampler” entry on the Scottish Diamond stitch, […]