The Coolest Way for a Guy to Wear Needlepoint

I started working on Yarmulka canvases. These are 6.5 inch skullcaps (that seems to be a popular size) and they can be enlarged to 7 inches or reduced to 6 inches, by request.

Here is the first one, a flowery sort of bluey thing:

Oh, and with a Star of David right in the center.

Here’s another one, which I called “Burst“:

And indeed it is bursting with color.

The next one, “Spiral“, is designed with exactly that:

Don’t stare, you’ll get dizzy.

Finally, we have “Stripe“, “Starry“, and “Wild“:

I’m interested to see if there is any interest in Yarmulkas. I’ve never stitched or finished one myself. Perhaps I’ll give it a try. Express your interest by visiting the Yarmulka category at Pepita Needlepoint. And to buy one, go to Judaica Needlepoint’s Skullcaps category.

Do you have any original ideas for a Yarmulka design? I was once asked to design one with a beach theme. To match someone’s bathing suit, I suppose.

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