Subway Stitchers

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I take the subway around once a week.  I marvel how individuals waste/spend their time waiting and riding.  Some daydream, others sleep.  Students cram and study.  I’ve seen a woman file her nails, and at least one lady in each compartment is reapplying her lipstick. Men read various newspapers and magazines; women are buried in novels.  But 95% of the riders look bored and uncomfortable.  Reading while in motion isn’t for everyone; some feel nauseous while others can’t concentrate.

I love doing needlepoint on trips via the subway.  I pack a small preschool style scissors (nothing too sharp), a small sized canvas, and 5-6 skeins of thread.  I place them all into a large Ziploc bag and am on my way.  At the station, I grab a seat and needlepoint.  I continue on the train and needlepoint till my destination.  In fact, I’ve noticed that I prefer the train rather than driving myself since I get to complete various projects this way. Hey, this is even a good way to promote using mass transit and public transportation!

People constantly comment on my needlepoint canvas.  They ask where I purchased the canvas, exclaim what a great idea it is to stitch on the train, is it easy, hard, etc.  I recommend commuters to take along needlepoint supplies; the whole experience will change for the better.

Tip:  Write your name and telephone number on the edge of the canvas with permanent marker.  This way if your project gets lost somehow, it has a better chance of finding its way home.  Also, have a special subway canvas that is inexpensive and easy to replace in case it does get misplaced.  The smaller the canvas, the better.  Don’t bring along your whole stash of thread; choose only a few strands of colors you definitely need.

Happy Stitching!

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