Hebrew Aleph Bet With Pictures Needlepoint

Hebrew Aleph Bet With Pictures
Hebrew Aleph Bet With Pictures

This is my new Hebrew Aleph Bet with Pictures needlepoint design. It is also available in Yiddish for customers that prefer the Jewish language (the letters are the same, but the pictures are different). There is also a design for the English alphabet.

I loved stitching this project since it never got boring. There are many colorful areas that are small, so I stitched each area in one sitting. I would not recommend stitching all the letters in French knots like I did. That was tedious work. I don’t frame my work with glass, so it is touchable and the texture of the French knots adds a 3-D dimensions to it.

I stitched this design using an assortment of threads, fibers, and embellishments. I incorporated 18 shades of Twinkle Gem threads from www.gonestitching.net.  This is a new line of rayon metallic thread that Renee and Michelle at Gone Stitching have developed.  I used a double strand on the needle since my canvas is 13 mesh.  My favorite color is the Comet 020.  It is a black thread with colorful metallic threads running through it.  I stitched the letter “Samach” with it. (That’s the letter in front of the book in the center of the design.)

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