Siddur Ceremony Season

Needlepointed Siddur Cover
Needlepointed Siddur Cover

It is Siddur Ceremony season.  Some know it as Kabbalat Ha’Siddur.  It is the culmination of a year’s work of learning and studying the Hebrew language. Youngsters start in first grade by learning how to read Hebrew letters and vowels, and by the end of the school year,  they are ready to use a Siddur, a Jewish prayer book. Schools schedule this special day almost a year in advance for parents and grandparents to reserve the date and participate in the festivities.  It is heartwarming to see the grandparents’ joy, particularly Holocaust survivors, as they watch a new generation upholding their traditions.

Many mothers and grandmothers needlepoint Siddur covers for this event.  The school provides the exact dimensions of the siddur, which are used to size the design.  Pepita Needlepoint add the Hebrew name to the design for free.  We’ve done Siddur covers featuring rainbows, basketballs, planets, flowers, and other interesting design elements. The completed canvases can be mailed back to us to be professionally finished as book covers. It is a matter of pride and honor for us to have a prominent part in this tradition!

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