Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Another year has gone by. Mother’s Day is around the corner. Those of us fortunate enough to have a special mom, mother-in-law, wife, or grandmother in our lives need to come up with gift ideas.  I am confident the special woman in your life owns enough mugs and perfume. I imagine she will not appreciate extra calories from exotic Belgium chocolate.  I am sure she will be offended if you buy her oven mitts or a new apron.  If you still want to be on speaking terms, do not buy a new food processor or iron.  Take if from me.  I am a daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, but I am also a mom a few times over.  What I would like most is a new needlepoint canvas designed in 2015.  Okay, 2014 is also fine.  But I don’t want anything old and outdated.  I prefer modern, unique, classy, and original.  I adore bold colors yet something strikingly feminine.  I seek uncomplicated, stress-free solace in my needlepoint choices.  I would even consider something personal like a customized design.


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