My Design is Featured in Needlepoint Now Magazine


I designed and stitched a decorative pillow for my daughter Leah.  It’s fluffy and feminine, and most of all, fun to stitch! I submitted an article about it to Needlepoint Now magazine, and it was published in the current issue. The stitches are simple, and the article explains how to stitch a name needlepoint on a blank canvas. Of course, you can have us do the designing work for you.  See some samples at our Names category.

Meanwhile, my daughter, whose birthday is today, is thrilled.  Not only does she have this fancy pillow to show off, her name is now published in a real life magazine.  Quite an accomplishment for a ten year old!

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  1. I’m so impressed by Mom’s creativity and productivity! What a wonderful avenue of expression for Mom’s creativity,and what a lucky child to be the recipient of such a lovely gift – a continuous reminder of Mom’s love.

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