Places To Take Your Needle

The Franks, an Orthodox Jewish family of whom I am a proud member, reside at an intersection of country roads named “Wiener” and “Synagogue.” This was a curious enough coincidence to attract the attention of Oscar Meyer, the well-known purveyor of kosher hotdogs. They even offered a large sum of money to feature us in one of their marketing projects (we declined).

I’ve heard of similar fortuitous street names, such as the dentist who grew up on a street named Colgate, the brewery that opened in Brewster Court (an old carriage house built in 1894), and the man named Downing who opened an oyster place on a street already conveniently named Downing Street.

I was wondering the other day whether an avid needlepointer could be the subject of such a fortunate geographic placement, and after researching a bit I came up with the following:

Needle Point, Tahoe National Forest, California, a mountain peak. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia in an article about the forest. Deep snow persists through April.

Needle Point, St. Helena Island, South Carolina, an island cape. Photo is of a tourist attraction on the island.

Needle Point Drive, Guyton, Georgia, a small road.

Needle Point Drive, Cheboygan, Michigan, another small road off Mullet Lake. Above is a home for sale on the road.

Needle Point Court, Columbus, OH, an enclave in a busy neighborhood.

Needle Point Road, Evans City, Pennsylvania, a street in a green area of PA. Above 2-bedroom, single-family home on this street is selling for $159,000.

Attention Engineers: Try Needlepoint

Yet more evidence of a strong correlation between math and needlepoint, as I have previously posted. In an article about the scarcity of females in the gaming development community, iPhone developer Quinn Dunki claims it is caused by peer pressure to conform to traditional female roles. Saith Dunki:

“The only difference between me and my maths-inclined, game-loving friend – who does advanced needlepoint instead of engineering – is that she succumbed to the peer pressure.”

All ye maths-inclined, game-loving engineering prospects out there: take a moment and explore Advanced Needlepoint. You will likely experience a life-altering epiphany that will set you on a new and fresh course of wondrous discovery for the rest of your life. You can thank me afterwards.

To reinforce the idea that engineering and needlepoint work well together, take a look at these works of art needlepointed by Michelle Ann Matthews (one of which appears at the top of this post), all of which use architecture and construction as the central theme. (Hat tip: Design Milk).

New Belts at Tucker Blair

A dynamic duo of designers, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, have teamed up with Tucker Blair, the needlepoint belt manufacturer extraordinaire. From the blog post at the New York Times:

Aiming to have you in stitches this summer, Opening Ceremony releases its first collection of needlepoint belts with Tucker Blair, the Washington-based purveyor of the classic preppy pant cinchers.






We Were Hacked – Twice

I apologize to all our subscribers for the unfortunate hacking incidents that have taken place over the last month at this blog.

In the first instance, my attackers gained access to my WordPress installation and defaced it with unpleasant anti-Israel propaganda and disturbing imagery. I was able to regain control by accessing the MySql database directly and I cleaned everything up. I was unable to clean the theme I was using, so I just switched to a different theme temporarily. I changed all the passwords and was hoping that was the end of it.

Unfortunately, last week another attacker retook the site and posted his Arabic rantings on my home page. I’m guessing that I didn’t clean up sufficiently and left over a backdoor that allowed another attack to penetrate. This time I had my provider reset the account and I restored everything from backup. I didn’t have my theme backed up though, so I’m still using a different one until I can put everything back together. Guys, make sure your blog is completely and regularly backed up!

I also subscribed to the free monitoring service Montastic to check my blog every hour. This way I will be notified immediately if I am subjected to yet another incident. I sure hope it doesn’t happen again – I just don’t have the time. God, please afflict all hackers with something really nasty. Something that will keep them busy and away from my blog. Thank you.