Attention Engineers: Try Needlepoint

Yet more evidence of a strong correlation between math and needlepoint, as I have previously posted. In an article about the scarcity of females in the gaming development community, iPhone developer Quinn Dunki claims it is caused by peer pressure to conform to traditional female roles. Saith Dunki:

“The only difference between me and my maths-inclined, game-loving friend – who does advanced needlepoint instead of engineering – is that she succumbed to the peer pressure.”

All ye maths-inclined, game-loving engineering prospects out there: take a moment and explore Advanced Needlepoint. You will likely experience a life-altering epiphany that will set you on a new and fresh course of wondrous discovery for the rest of your life. You can thank me afterwards.

To reinforce the idea that engineering and needlepoint work well together, take a look at these works of art needlepointed by Michelle Ann Matthews (one of which appears at the top of this post), all of which use architecture and construction as the central theme. (Hat tip: Design Milk).

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