Beautiful Tefillin Bag Wins Ribbon at Maryland State Fair

Will you just look at that gorgeous tefillin bag! It is simply delicious to behold. Judges at the Maryland State Fair agree and awarded the tefillin bag a place of honor in the Home Crafts exhibit. Needless to say, the design behind this work of art is none other than Pepita’s Tefillin Pinwheel with some color customization and personalization. Congratulations to awesomely talented customer Ellen for this worthy win and thanks a million for sending us a photo!

Team Lifeline at the Miami Marathon


Congratulations to all the 425 runners and their families who joined Team Lifeline for the 2016 Miami Marathon. I was at the Eden Roc Resort for the festivities, and was honored to meet some of my customers.

My sister, Raizy, is the coordinator of this event, so I traveled to Miami and watched her work hard with dedication. Everyone complimented Raizy; she is the essence of the team. As I am currently not a runner (but I was so inspired that maybe I’ll train to become one!), I spent some time doing needlepoint in the lobby, and passersby stopped to see my work. Since my business is online only, I don’t get to meet my customers in person. But as I spoke to the guests and introduced myself, they knew me from Pepita. What a great feeling!

Team Lifeline raises money for Chai Lifeline, the international children’s health support network. Chai Lifeline brings light and hope to children and their families through various services including counseling, hospital services, retreats, programs, and their well-known summer camps, Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special, all free of charge.
And to my sister Raizy, the entire immediate and extended family stand in awe of what you are accomplishing. Keep us proud!

My Design is Featured in Needlepoint Now Magazine


I designed and stitched a decorative pillow for my daughter Leah.  It’s fluffy and feminine, and most of all, fun to stitch! I submitted an article about it to Needlepoint Now magazine, and it was published in the current issue. The stitches are simple, and the article explains how to stitch a name needlepoint on a blank canvas. Of course, you can have us do the designing work for you.  See some samples at our Names category.

Meanwhile, my daughter, whose birthday is today, is thrilled.  Not only does she have this fancy pillow to show off, her name is now published in a real life magazine.  Quite an accomplishment for a ten year old!

Beethoven’s Birthday

Ludwig van Beethoven

On December 17th the world celebrated Ludwig van Beethoven’s 245th birthday. Google created an interactive doodle for the home page, which had the famous classical composer’s name discussed all over the Internet. But did you know that we’ve had a beautiful needlepoint design featuring Beethoven‘s likeness? Surely had Lucy known about it she’d have stitched it by now for her good friend Schroeder.

Eugene Chernin is Closing


I’ll miss you, Eugene Chernin.  You believed in me when I had this tiny business all those years ago.  You gave me wings to fly and soar. You gently taught me the ropes about pearl cotton #3 and #5.  Recently you opened a website, and I was able to place my orders online.  Nevertheless, there was always someone warm and friendly to talk to.  I knew my orders were taken care of.  You had that old fashioned charm.

So thank you, my friends George and Mark!  If you ever need any needlepoint canvases, you know where to find me.  Good Luck and like you always said, Zei Gezunt!