Beautiful Tefillin Bag Wins Ribbon at Maryland State Fair

Will you just look at that gorgeous tefillin bag! It is simply delicious to behold. Judges at the Maryland State Fair agree and awarded the tefillin bag a place of honor in the Home Crafts exhibit. Needless to say, the design behind this work of art is none other than Pepita’s Tefillin Pinwheel with some color customization and personalization. Congratulations to awesomely talented customer Ellen for this worthy win and thanks a million for sending us a photo!

Hamsa Chai is our Latest Stitched Hamsa


Hamsa, otherwise known as a hand amulet for good luck, is a luck symbol in many religions.  This Judaica piece has the word “Chai,” which means life in Hebrew, stitched in the center.  The rope/stem stitch gives the border a 3D effect. Buy the canvas or the kit at This stitched sample is not for sale, but a customer at a craft show begged to purchase it.  Sorry, Alice.

More on Stained Glass Designs


The stitching is perfect on this classic stained glass design.


This customer wanted shades of blues, greens, and yellows.  All “girlie” colors were omitted.


This tallit bag was built out, or finished with a velvet border to enlarge the tallit bag. The background was stitched with DMC #939 dark navy, so the stained glass colors stand out brightly.


This is a yamulka expertly stitched by a customer.  The professional finishing is top notch.

The variety of results amaze me even though the canvases all started out identical.  The matching yarmulka is a perfect companion.

Tefillin Stained Glass with the Star of David


Shmuel S. is celebrating his bar mitzvah this year.  He loved the tefillin stained glass design, but we needed to incorporate his long name into the design. His dad used his prior experience as a graphic/marketing designer and came up with this brilliant concept.  Shmuel’s grandmother then stitched the tefillin bag.  Mazal Tov to Shmuel!

Siddur Ceremony Season

Needlepointed Siddur Cover

Needlepointed Siddur Cover

It is Siddur Ceremony season.  Some know it as Kabbalat Ha’Siddur.  It is the culmination of a year’s work of learning and studying the Hebrew language. Youngsters start in first grade by learning how to read Hebrew letters and vowels, and by the end of the school year,  they are ready to use a Siddur, a Jewish prayer book. Schools schedule this special day almost a year in advance for parents and grandparents to reserve the date and participate in the festivities.  It is heartwarming to see the grandparents’ joy, particularly Holocaust survivors, as they watch a new generation upholding their traditions.

Many mothers and grandmothers needlepoint Siddur covers for this event.  The school provides the exact dimensions of the siddur, which are used to size the design.  Pepita Needlepoint add the Hebrew name to the design for free.  We’ve done Siddur covers featuring rainbows, basketballs, planets, flowers, and other interesting design elements. The completed canvases can be mailed back to us to be professionally finished as book covers. It is a matter of pride and honor for us to have a prominent part in this tradition!

Save Time When Stitching a Challah Cover

Pepita Needlepoint Challah Cover

Challah Cover


I love stitching challah cover needlepoint kits. They are big canvases with plenty of room for creativity. But for some customers, stitching a project of this magnitude can be daunting.

Creating a large challah cover doesn’t need to take so long. Try stitching just the center of a challah cover and have the finisher do the rest. This reduces the cost of canvas, the amount of thread required, and most important, stitching time.

I designed the Challah Cover Chocolate Stained Glass backwards.  I found faux crocodile leather in a chocolate bark color.  I loved the sheen and texture.  I loved the richness of the hues of browns ingrained in the “pleather.”  The stained glass design is originally a tallit bag in royal blue and colorful glass, but I tweaked it to work as a challah cover. I matched thread to the material and started stitching.

You can see the results in the image at the top of this post. At the moment, it is in a window display on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

I have another challah cover design at the finisher that uses a variation of this technique.  It is a banner style finished with strips of suede on top and on bottom of the canvas. I stitched the banner strip in shades of dove blue/teal using DMC perle cotton # 926 and 927 and Kreinik #16 4012.  As soon as it’s back, I’ll blog about it.

Personalized Needlepoint Pillows

Sammi Pillow

Sammi Pillow

Sammi is one lucky girl.  Her aunt, Ronna M., stitched  a magnificent custom made pillow with her name on it.  Her name is the essence of the design.  Ronna knew Sammi loves purple. She emailed us with the details, and we sent her a custom proof via email. Once it was perfect, Ronna placed the order.  I pulled threads in bold shades of purple with subtle colors complementing the design.  Well, the pillow is back from the finisher, and take a look at it!  Sammi must be thrilled!

A couple of months ago, I designed a name needlepoint for a newborn baby boy.  Baby Gabriel was just three weeks old when his mom, Karin T., contacted us to custom design his name on canvas.  I can’t wait to see a photo of it when it’s completed.  Good Luck to Karin!  I applaud her efforts and am impressed that she is taking time out for herself to stitch while taking care of her newborn.