Passover Cleaning Sale

Coupon for needlepoint savings

Coupon for needlepoint savings

Hello, everyone! Passover is quickly approaching and we’re cleaning up. We are closed for the holiday, from April 14 through April 22nd. So we’re running a special five day sale this week only, starting today, on our entire inventory, across all of our websites:,, and It’s 30% off everything – until midnight Thursday. April 10th. To get the discount, enter the code PASSOVER-2014 during checkout.

Thanks for reading, and a happy and kosher Passover to all!

In Honor of Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple, April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014

Shirley Temple passed away yesterday at the age of 85. Many of us have fond memories of the precocious little girl on our black and white TV screens from our own childhoods. In her honor, I added a needlepoint design of her portrait as a sweet little actress. This movie still is from a scene in The Little Princess (1939) where she is gazing excitedly over a birthday cake with lit candles.

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

Chanukah Needlepoint Matcbhox Cover

Chanukah Needlepoint Matchbox Cover

Last week a customer ordered needlepoint kits to stitch as gifts for the holidays. She caught me by surprise, but time is flying by, and this organized woman is preparing. I can’t entertain the thought of shopping for gifts yet, but if you want to give hand-made gifts for that special personal touch, you better get started. Here are some ideas that are easy, attractive, original, and inexpensive.

Dreidel Matchbox Cover

Dreidel Matchbox Cover

Matchbox Covers

For someone who “lights up your life,” or is a “perfect match,” these matchbox covers work up quickly. The results are so professional, they were even featured in Needlepoint Now magazine in the September 2012 issue. They are stitched using DMC perle cotton #3 on plastic (10 mesh) canvas and  embellished with Preciosa Czech rhinestones.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to fit different size matchboxes. The larger size fits the matchboxes sold in judaica stores that contain 45 elongated matches each. The Chanukah one has a menorah pattern on the large size, and a dreidel pattern for the small. size There is also both a large and small size in silver and greys for Shabbos and Pesach, featuring a candlesticks pattern. The kits contain all necessary supplies besides for the actual matches. See the photos for all of the varieties.

Please come back for more – I’ll be writing about needlepoint bookmarks and cala lily projects.


Small Shabbos Matchbox Cover


Large Shabbos Matchbox Cover


Large Shabbos and Yom Tov Matchbox Cover


Pesach Matchbox Cover

Tefillin Bet Hamikdash

Tefillin Bet Hamikdash

I design tefillin and tallit bags for many customers.  Most are moms of Bar mitzvah boys. A large portion are proud grandmas who want to leave heirlooms for their grandchildren.  So our designs tend to be traditional and mature.  Here and there I get a request from a youngster who wants to design his own custom tefillin bag.  If his mother or grandmother doesn’t mind stitching his preference, then why not let him.

Around a year ago, a fine young lad requested a design with Jerusalem and the ThirdTemple (Bais Hamikdosh) on a mountaintop behind the landscape.  I had never designed the temple mount for anyone before, and I guessed that the boy must have learned about it in school and found the subject fascinating.  So I designed the bag for him, and he loved it.  His mom is in the process of stitching it.  I hope she finishes it soon since his Bar Mitzvah is this summer.  Anyway, I added his design to  And it’s a hit!  This boy was right!  This is a design that today’s kids relate to.  This photo is a completed tefillin bag stitched by a wonderful customer of ours.  She worked fast, and the finisher did amazing work.   I have learned to never underestimate the ideas and creativity of our kids.

Hebrew Aleph Bet With Pictures Needlepoint

Hebrew Aleph Bet With Pictures

Hebrew Aleph Bet With Pictures

This is my new Hebrew Aleph Bet with Pictures needlepoint design. It is also available in Yiddish for customers that prefer the Jewish language (the letters are the same, but the pictures are different). There is also a design for the English alphabet.

I loved stitching this project since it never got boring. There are many colorful areas that are small, so I stitched each area in one sitting. I would not recommend stitching all the letters in French knots like I did. That was tedious work. I don’t frame my work with glass, so it is touchable and the texture of the French knots adds a 3-D dimensions to it.

I stitched this design using an assortment of threads, fibers, and embellishments. I incorporated 18 shades of Twinkle Gem threads from  This is a new line of rayon metallic thread that Renee and Michelle at Gone Stitching have developed.  I used a double strand on the needle since my canvas is 13 mesh.  My favorite color is the Comet 020.  It is a black thread with colorful metallic threads running through it.  I stitched the letter “Samach” with it. (That’s the letter in front of the book in the center of the design.)

Is it a Girl or Boy?

Uni Baby Onesie

I stitched this unisex baby onesie to be used as wall art décor for a baby nursery room.  It would make a perfect baby shower gift especially if the expectant couple does not know what they’re having.  Others have a designated nursery in their home and want it to remain neutral.  Either way, it was my first unisex piece to stitch, and I like it!  I am so used to stitching blue for boy, pink for girl, that I forgot about the happy medium of other pastel colors.  I stitched with Caron Watercolours wisteria, silk lame braid, Kreinik metallic brown, and DMC perle cotton #3 209.  I embellished it with a coordinating crocheted flower I found at a local trimming shop.

Hamsa Rainbow

Hi everyone, take a look at our latest finished needlepoint design, Hamsa Rainbow. A “Hamsa” is a good-luck amulet shaped as a hand which is popular in Middle Eastern countries. It is said to ward off the Evil Eye and can be fashioned into jewelry, keychains, door knockers, wall hangings and lots of other cool stuff.

This design is part of the Hamsa Category of designs at Judaica Needlepoint. I framed it in bright red, inspired by another popular good-luck charm, namely the “Red Bendel,” a red string tied around one’s wrist.

Fruits of Her Labors

Framed in Fruit

Received in today’s email, a photo of an amazing piece stitched with a Pepita canvas, Frame Fruit. Our customer writes:

I wanted to share with you the results of my latest needlepoint adventure with Pepita!  Here is the completed customized canvas I ordered last winter.  It was a delight to stitch! You had suggested embellishments for the fruit, Renee, but I thought that would take all the fun out of the stitching challenge. So…I stitched the fruit first, and some of them required two or three tries to get it just right. Then I decided to do the whole background in scotch stitch.  Best of all – and I know you will appreciate this – I finished  the whole project using thread I already had in the house!!
I have attached two pictures, one showing my project where it hangs, right next to my fruit-decorated kitchen curtains.  How perfect is that?  All I need now is a visit from the grandchildren to complete the scene!

The text she stitched in the center reads “Welcome to Bubby’s Heimishe Kitchen.” The word “Heimishe” is a hard-to-translate Yiddish word, it’s roughly equivalent to “cozy” and “familiar”.