The Story Behind My Fancy Pillow


Audrey Rosner, CPNP, is one of my favorite friends. I was a pediatric patient at her office when I was a little girl, and now care for my children.  Audrey is a grandmother by now, and she stitches a gift for each grandchild. Girls get siddur covers, and boys receive tefillin bags.

Audrey wanted to stitch a weave pattern for her current project.  I reconstructed the stitch from a sample she provided and was intrigued enough to stitch it too.  Barry requested a pillow to coordinate with our brown leather couch.  As I stitched (on a blank canvas, mind you),  I was hesitant since it really looked like nothing special.  But lo and behold, the finisher finished it so awesomely, it is now a stunning addition to my stitched sample menagerie.

And thank you, Audrey!  It is an honor to have you as my customer.

Personalized Needlepoint Pillows

Sammi Pillow

Sammi Pillow

Sammi is one lucky girl.  Her aunt, Ronna M., stitched  a magnificent custom made pillow with her name on it.  Her name is the essence of the design.  Ronna knew Sammi loves purple. She emailed us with the details, and we sent her a custom proof via email. Once it was perfect, Ronna placed the order.  I pulled threads in bold shades of purple with subtle colors complementing the design.  Well, the pillow is back from the finisher, and take a look at it!  Sammi must be thrilled!

A couple of months ago, I designed a name needlepoint for a newborn baby boy.  Baby Gabriel was just three weeks old when his mom, Karin T., contacted us to custom design his name on canvas.  I can’t wait to see a photo of it when it’s completed.  Good Luck to Karin!  I applaud her efforts and am impressed that she is taking time out for herself to stitch while taking care of her newborn.