Friends Sewn Together by Needlecraft

An inspiring article in the Charlotte Observer describes friendships that were started and nourished by the love of needlepoint:

Needlecrafters are a tight-knit bunch. Travel to any embroidery club, like the Lake Norman Needlepoint Guild, where Archie and Helms first met, and you’ll find a strong bond among mostly women sharing threads, ideas and close friendships.

“I’ve never met a stitcher I didn’t like,” said Laura Smith, a member of Golden Needles, an embroidery club in Concord, where Archie is president and Helms is a member. “There’s a bond that crosses cultures, economic backgrounds, young, old.”

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  1. Thanks for mentioning our Golden Needles Chapter. We are located in Concord, NC and the organization has chapters all over the country. Happy stitching!

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