Needlepoint Signs Attract Attention

Susannah Breslin, writing on the Forbes Blog, in a post titled “How to Get a Job Without Leaving the House,” writes about the unfortunate circumstances of Mr. Alex. He was out of a job, wanted one badly, but couldn’t get one no matter how hard he tried. Then he had a brainstorm:

That’s when he picked up the needlepoint kit, sewed the sign, and stuck it in the window. To see what would happen. Because the old way wasn’t working anymore.

Did it work? Well, it attracted Susannah’s attention, didn’t it?

And that’s when I turn my head and there in the window of the apartment I am walking past is a sign, and the sign says: Hire Me. I really need a job. Just yell up!

…as for the “Hire Me” sign, it is homemade and has been made out of needlepoint. Whoever is looking for a job had needlepointed their call for employment before propping it up in the window.

If you want to hire Alex, perhaps to do your stitching, you can email him at

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