Joyce O’Brien Stitches City Scenes

Two articles in the Des Moines Register this week featured the same needlework artist, Joyce O’Brien. Apparently a very patient and gifted stitcher, she created a depiction of city hall, complete with shiny gold rooftops. Follow the link to see it and read more about it.

In a separate article, the writer describes how it took Joyce over 600 hours to create this needlepoint landscape of the Des Moines skyline:

“It’s a very tedious process,” she said of the 3-by-2-foot picture, made from fine wool yarn. “It takes a long time, but I love to see the picture develop.”

O’Brien is currently showing off her work in a show at the Ankeny Art Center. If you’re in the area, definitely stop in for a look.

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  1. I happen to see an article that was written last Ausgust about my yarn paintings, and thought it might be of interest that my painting of the Iowa State Capitol Bjuilding which I named “Iowa’s Hub” is now hanging in the Governor’s office at the Iowa State Capitol, there will be an article written in the next couple of weeks on the presentation of the picture. I donated it to the state of Iowa, and am so happy to have it hanging in the Governor’s office. Joyce O’Brien

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