Needlepoint Appreciation

Your old needlepoint you inherited from your grandmother’s grandmother might be worth more than you think. See this story covering the Antiques Roadshow, where Doris Black was pleasantly surprised to learn that her great-great-great aunt’s needlepoint masterpiece would fetch $2,000 to $2,500.

A great-great-great aunt would have lived about 100 years ago, when goods such as needlepoint canvas and thread costed far less than what they cost today. A canvas such as hers plus thread would cost in today’s dollars about $350 total. In 1900, this would have been about $15 (try it out yourself using this inflation calculator).

So, assuming inflation continues along a similar path for the next hundred years, your great-great-great niece may wind up selling your own stitched project for over $8,000. Now that’s what I call needlepoint appreciation.

Quickly Looking Up Needlepoint Stitches

Here’s an interesting tip, that I am sharing here for you to use responsibly (in other words, please don’t abuse this little trick, and respect authors’ copyrights).

Say you are looking for details on a needlepoint stitch. For example, you wanted to look up the Lucinda Ganderton’s “Stitch Sampler” entry on the Scottish Diamond stitch, but you didn’t have the book with you. Proceed to Amazon’s listing of the book and hover your mouse over the image, where it says “Look Inside”. A little popup will offer a textbox where you can enter the words “Scottish Diamond”. On theĀ search results page, you can click on page 123 to get a scan of the page you are looking for.

My Very First Entry!

Congratulations to us at Pepita on our very first blog entry!

Why set up a blog, you ask? The purpose of this blog is manifold:

  • Photos of needlepoint work. When a proud customer shows us a completed needleart work, we ask permission to post a photo here on the blog. This is a great way to share your creative techniques with other people so everyone can benefit. Comments from our readers discussing the piece will make for very interesting reading as well. Do you have a needlepoint work you’d like to share? Send it to us! Use the email link on the side of the page to let us know about it.
  • Communication. It’s a great way to share our thoughts with customers and partners, and have them comment right back at us. Communication is key to any business, and critically so to a creativity-based business such as ours. Do you have a suggestion for improving our website? Our products? Anything? Let us know!
  • Stitch Guides. Many customers ask for stitch guides to help them complete a needlepoint piece. We can use this blog to publish different needlepoint stitches and techniques. Over time, a wealth of needlepoint-related resources will accumulate here for the benefit of the entire online needlepoint community.

Here’s to a long and healthy blogging future!