Beethoven’s Birthday

Ludwig van Beethoven

On December 17th the world celebrated Ludwig van Beethoven’s 245th birthday. Google created an interactive doodle for the home page, which had the famous classical composer’s name discussed all over the Internet. But did you know that we’ve had a beautiful needlepoint design featuring Beethoven‘s likeness? Surely had Lucy known about it she’d have stitched it by now for her good friend Schroeder.

My Needlepoint Kitchen Moldings

before after kitchen-molding

My kitchen recently reached its 17th birthday, and some parts are not aging gracefully.  The cabinet base molding (also known as toe kick board) is awfully scratched.  I decided to needlepoint new moldings for under the kitchen cabinets.  I chose earth tones that match the cabinets and colors that would not look dirty if they get soiled.   They are DMC 451, 840, 407, 613, 315, and 922. I used 951 for the “grout” between the tiles.  Some math helped me figure out dimensions and pattern.  I stitched up my design on Darice 10 mesh plastic canvas.

 I began a year ago with a small area, and my friends laughed at me. “The next thing you’ll stitch are the kitchen floor tiles themselves!” exclaimed Sarah R.  Another was horrified and could not understand how I would keep them clean.  My motivation deflated.  But the cracked peeling moldings kept urging me to persevere, so I revisited the project. The moldings get stitched one panel at a time, so I stitched on the subway, while waiting on long lines at Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory, and other similar opportunities.  When I completed a segment, I attached it to the existing molding using a glue gun.
Suddenly my kitchen is gorgeous!  I still have a few more areas to complete, but I love, love, love the results.  When I’m entirely done, I’ll post more photos. And I can’t wait to watch my friends drool the next time they visit.
Enjoy the creativity!

The Bride’s Present for her Groom


Today a lovely young bride brought in her finished Afikoman Bag for us to photograph. She is married less than a month, and this is a surprise Passover gift for her husband to use at their first Passover Seder together.  Her grandmother is an old friend of mine and actually purchased the needlepoint canvas for her granddaughter as a graduation gift.  The young woman rapidly completed the afikoman bag.  When she got engaged, she then bought stitched a coordinating matzoh cover and pillow set. They are all ready now, and Passover is next week.  What a heartwarming gift!  All those hours she spent stitching and stitching…. I almost wish I can see the groom’s face when he gets his handmade heirloom-to-be.

The Story Behind My Fancy Pillow


Audrey Rosner, CPNP, is one of my favorite friends. I was a pediatric patient at her office when I was a little girl, and now care for my children.  Audrey is a grandmother by now, and she stitches a gift for each grandchild. Girls get siddur covers, and boys receive tefillin bags.

Audrey wanted to stitch a weave pattern for her current project.  I reconstructed the stitch from a sample she provided and was intrigued enough to stitch it too.  Barry requested a pillow to coordinate with our brown leather couch.  As I stitched (on a blank canvas, mind you),  I was hesitant since it really looked like nothing special.  But lo and behold, the finisher finished it so awesomely, it is now a stunning addition to my stitched sample menagerie.

And thank you, Audrey!  It is an honor to have you as my customer.