Attention Engineers: Try Needlepoint

Yet more evidence of a strong correlation between math and needlepoint, as I have previously posted. In an article about the scarcity of females in the gaming development community, iPhone developer Quinn Dunki claims it is caused by peer pressure to conform to traditional female roles. Saith Dunki: “The only difference between me and my […]

Alphabet Needlepoints

Alphabets are a popular needlepoint theme, particularly for children’s rooms. Often they are adorned with objects, one for each letter of the alphabet. In the needlepoint pictured above, the artist chose 26 members of the animal kingdom to accompany each glyph. Other times, each letter varies in style or geometric pattern. See these beauties by […]

I Can Needlepoint

We have developed a new line of products, and we’re calling it “I Can Needlepoint”. These kits are packed into these neat little cans, and contain everything you need to complete a stitched barrette or ponytail holder. They come with canvas, needle, thread, stitch guide, finishing instructions, and hair accessory hardware. Currently, you can buy […]