Bringing Needlepoint On an Airplane

Will security allow you to bring your needlepoint project on to an airplane? The TSA states the following rule for Transporting Knitting Needles & Needlepoint on their website: Knitting needles are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage. Items needed to pursue a Needlepoint project are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage with the […]

Microsoft Office 2010 and Needlepoint

Microsoft Office 2010 will undoubtedly increase productivity in offices worldwide. Apparently, Microsoft is keen on getting consumers to recognize that Microsoft Office is useful for everyday at-home tasks, too. According to blogger Mary Jo Foley, quoting David Webster, the chief strategy officer in Microsoft’s central marketing group: People are defining work pretty broadly these days, […]

Presidential Needlepoint

Shirley Kerstetter has stitched dozens of portraits of American presidents. They are meticulous, 24-count, multihued masterpieces. She put them all together on a massive quilt, pictured in the article about her monumental work. Among other ideas, she mentions this: “I collected fabric for the presidential quilt for years,” Kerstetter said. “Every time I saw a […]

Needlepoint is Steadily Trending Up

Encouragingly, the news is carrying stories that contain leading indicators of an upwards trend in needlepoint. Here is a story about Ten Home Trends for 2010 that says needlework is getting preppy again: We’ve heard “This ain’t your grandma’s…” A new buzz phrase just might be “That’s so granny.” Patricia Shackelford of Kansas City, author […]

Needlepoint Supports New Schools In War-Torn Pakistan

Poor families in Pakistan are supporting education initiatives by creating needlepoint pieces and sending them over to the U.S.A. for sale. “To make the schools self-supporting, the women also have been learning for the first time to create needlepoint and embroidered pieces that they could sell profitably in the United States, with its higher currency […]