Another Successful Needlepointer of the Male Persuasion

I don’t know why I find male needlepointers so fascinating. Here is another he-stitcher in action: A man will tell me there are 250,962 stitches in this, so they have more of an engineering take on doing needlepoint and that’s why they are so good at it. Bob Dillard compares needlepoint to paint-by-number and does […]

Lady Anne Tree, 82, Introduced Needlepoint to Prisoners

Lady Ann Tree, who died on August 9th, was a tireless advocate for incarcerated persons in Britain’s prison system. She is perhaps best remembered for innovating the very successful program “Fine Cell Work“, where prisoners create needlepoint works which are then sold to the public. Lady Anne cited two reasons for focusing on needlepoint in […]

To Get All Your Needlepoint News in One Place

Try It aggregates mentions of needlepoint in recent news stories, blog posts, and discussion boards. It’s a good place to turn to for market research, product sourcing leads, background for an article, or ideas for a new blog post. I built this site using several Google feeds as the backbone – it is completely […]