Subway Stitchers

I take the subway around once a week.  I marvel how individuals waste/spend their time waiting and riding.  Some daydream, others sleep.  Students cram and study.  I’ve seen a woman file her nails, and at least one lady in each compartment is reapplying her lipstick. Men read various newspapers and magazines; women are buried in […]

Needlepoint Quickies

New stuff from all over the  web: Needlepoint is going glamorous: appearing on fashion runways. Flickr: a pretty oriental crewel needlepoint work. Memories of my great-grandmother: starring her needlepoint pieces. More work by Mary Smull (we wrote about her here last week). Gay Ann Rogers writes how sometimes needlepoint saves her. Tisha writes a story about […]

Pepita Needlepoint Featured in Needlepoint Now Magazine

Just in time for Passover, our Regal Matzo Cover and Afikoman Bag canvas set was written up in the March/April issue of Needlepoint Now. These were finished expertly and photographed for the article, which presents various stitching techniques for completing the project. These pieces require a greater investment of time but are very worthwhile; the resulting matching set will be […]

Needlepoint Apps

Barbara Bergsten recently blogged about ideas for needlepoint apps. I linked (above) to an app available on the Apple App store, which offers stitch diagrams, indexed by shape, name and thread count. I had a few ideas for a needlepoint app, and instead of stuffing it all into a bloated comment I decided to do […]

Needlepoint Chairs at Blair House in Washington D.C.

The national president of the American Needlepoint Guild, Pat Rogers, is pitching in to help restore faded needlepoint chair upholstery at the Blair House, the president’s guest house. Among the home’s extensive furnishings is a wingback chair with needlepoint upholstery that originally was made by Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter-in-law. In time, the threads faded and became worn […]